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Final Cuts: New Tales of Hollywood Horror


Final Cuts is, one might say, a cut above the rest. Clocking in at a chunky 456 pages spread over eighteen stories, it’s an excellent sampler of some of modern horror’s best. Each story within engages with the history of horror cinema in some way, and none of them do it poorly. [...]


Worlds Beyond Worlds


Is the specter of Clonanism—among other concerns—inescapable? Did the genre reach its peak in the days of Howard, Moore and Smith—with a Silver Age ushered in by Moorcock, Lee, Shea, and Wagner et al.? Do we even now toil in a fallen epoch, retreading forevermore the well-worn paths of our elders, our betters? [...]


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Like Hieronymus Bosch stabbing Zdzisław Beksiński in the eye with a crucifix, Blasphemous is a gruesome, surreal fantasia in the best possible way. Its artwork, animations and overall aesthetic are among the best in the business: baroque, gothic and dripping with bilious humor. [...]


Soldier of the Mist


The Great King has invaded the land of the Hellenes. Yet, after a string of victories, he has found himself stymied at a place called Clay, where the cities of Thought and Rope banded together and broke his armies. [...]


Bow, Mortal Dogs!
an interview with Howard Andrew Jones


Every genre harbors its own champions: early sword-and-sorcery had Robert E. Howard, C.L. Moore and Fritz Leiber. Modern sword-and-sorcery has, to its very great boon, Howard Andrew Jones. [...]


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